Animal Lamps.

Say Hi to our Animal Family! They will definitely Bring Adventure Home. It all started out with the Hiding Rabbit, a family member who prefers to stay anonymous. He is still not sure whether it was the right decision to become a lamp. Other relatives are more open about their luminary status, like the couple Franz Josef, the Ostrich and Petra, the Black Swan
who deliberately chose to become Wall Lamps. The family continues to grow and gets more and more accustomed to the new habitats of Walls, Floors and Tables.


Wall Lamps.

When we first met Franz Josef and Petra it was love at first sight. Everytime we see them they put a smile on our face. They are a great source of inspiration and will help you escape the daily grind. Can you imagine a world without Animal Wall Lamps? It could exist but it would be so much less fun.


Floor Lamps.

Hiding Rabbit, Gigi and Ducky are the largest members of the Animal Family Collektion. They are statement pieces for animal lovers and eccentrics alike. No matter where in your house or apartment they are located - your guests will definitely be fascinated.


Table Lamps.

These family members are the most versatile fellas. They adapt quickly and easily to new surroundings. They accept almost any space as their new biotope except for toilets.

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