Adventure Wallpaper.

Who said that wallpapers need to be boring, uninspiring and lifeless? Our Adventure Wallpapers are very much alive! They take you on a journey to the most fascinating members of the animal kingdom. The first edition of this new product line brings us together with old acquaintances but we also get to know a very new family member. Say Hi to Gigi, the Cocktail Monkeys and Leopold!


Gigi, the Giant Giraffe is the tallest member of the Animal Family and one of our most conspicuous characters. The corresponding Adventure Wallpaper portrays Gigi in a less prominent fashion being surrounded by banana leaves. This wallpaper is the allrounder design among the models of the first edition. Animal Family connoisseurs will probably spot Gigi rather quickly and try to combine it with the matching lamp but the wallpaper also works amazingly well without the lamp model nearby. The Adventure Wallpaper – Gigi will be available in powder pink, bordeaux red and anthracite.


Countless scientists have always asked themselves the same question: which came first? The lamp or the wallpaper? We probably cannot answer this question conclusively, but in the case of Leopold, the wallpaper was designed first. The grace and elegance of the watercolor drawings just knocked our socks off and moved us to create a physical representation that is as true to the original as possible. The work on the figure is still in full swing. The Adventure Wallpaper - Leopold is now available in emerald green, black and white.

Cocktail Monkeys.

Have you ever wondered what our monkeys Abu and Koko do after work? When the lightbulbs stop glowing? Then the two friends start to relax and grab their martini glasses. Working as a lamp isn’t always funny: Hot hands, cold feet and an unpredictable work schedule. All the more you look forward to a relaxed after-work drink. The Adventure Wallpaper – Cocktail Monkeys depicts Abu and Koko enjoying the most exquisite drops and having the time of their lives. It will be available in powder pink, dark blue and black & white.


“Oh my god I love the Adventure Wallpapers! But how can I get them on the wall?” Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Included in every wallpaper package are detailed multilingual assembly instructions. Next to the print version we have the above video tutorial which goes through all the important steps one by one. Prepare the paste and bring adventure home.